Coastal Vision Supports LA1 Coalition

The LA 1 Coalition recently received a $20,000 donation from the Coastal Vision Foundation as a result of two fundraisers in Houston in 2015, including funds raised from the sale of a unique custom print created by famed Louisiana artist Tony Bernard (pictured above with Coastal Vision Foundation's Ronnie and Melba Murphy). An event at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston earlier this year and the Coastal Vision Foundation golf tournament in October, produced the funds for the donation. The LA1 Coalition supports the highway system between Grand Isle and Louisiana 90, a vital and evironmentally sensitive corridor in South Louisiana. You can now purchase a signed and number version of the Tony Bernard piece on our website in support of the Coastal Vision Foundation and the LA1 Coalition.

Guzzlers Are The Sounds of OTC, CVF

Anyone who has attended a social event around Houston’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has been exposed to David Wilde, Harris Lauderdale and the Guzzlers. If you haven’t seen them, chances are very good you have heard them.

The Guzzlers have been a fixture on the Houston music scene since 1995 and started performing at and around OTC in 1997. Coastal Vision Foundation (CVF) chairman Ronnie Murphy, who has been friends with Wilde since the early 80s, became associated with the Guzzlers at that OTC party in ‘97 at the Magnolia Bar and Grill. More than 1500 people crowded the venue that year. The annual party flourished and then five years ago, after Ronnie and his wife Melba formed CVF, the event became a fundraiser for the foundation and its beneficiaries. While the location has changed each year -- The Horn, Hughes Hanger, Bayou City and then the Firehouse – the Guzzlers have been the steady and wildly entertaining constant at the event.

The Guzzlers have played more than 2000 performances since 1995. But they always take time to play charitable events each year. They donate and perform regularly for St Luke's, Ronald MacDonald House, K-9 for Cops, Texas Heart Institute, Smiles Gone Wild, and many more charitable organizations in addition to Coastal Vision Foundation. They produced a CD in 2000 with their original songs (available on ITunes).

“I got started with the OTC in 1997,” Wilde explained.  “We played at the Magnolia Bar and Grill. However the next year Strata directional drilling took over the sponsorship. Ronnie was there and he wanted to get involved with helping to sponsor it.  So in 1999 through the mid 2000's Allis Chalmers, NOV, Venture sponsored it and also a VIP room. Then Ronnie (Venture) and I (Allis Chalmers) took it over in 2006 and actually had around 1500 people attend the event. The rest, as they say, is history.”

“Dave has been a very good friend over the years but what he, Harris, and the rest of the band have done to entertain and help raise funds over the years really can’t be measured,” Ronnie Murphy says. ‘They do so much in so many ways and our event is what it is because of the Guzzlers. It’s good to have great friends but it’s even better to have great friends who are very talented.”

A Message from Our Chairman

It was five years ago when we created the Coastal Vision Foundation with a mission of supporting the unique and highly diverse communities along the Gulf Coast. Now we are preparing for our Second Annual Charity Golf event which provides funding for the Foundation and its mission. We hope you will join us for this fun event and help us continue to impact the communities and people we serve. 
As to the basis for our foundation, while we have been fortunate during the past three years to have avoided some of the larger natural disasters that impacted our region in previous years, that does not mean the people and resources of our region did not experience significant needs. Our foundation has worked to honor as many requests for financial assistance as possible since our creation. We wanted to share with you some of the highlights of who we have been able to support due entirely to the financial support and commitment of our many friends and partners:

  • Nothing is more core to the CVF mission than the preservation and restoration of coastal wetlands. Through the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation, we have made and are honoring a three-year commitment to financially support the efforts of LWFF which helps fund  various efforts, including habitat conservation, environmental education and training, natural resource research and management, and regulation enforcement;

  • Through the Gulf Coast Oilman's Association, we support Shriner's Hospital for Children and their mission ofproviding the highest quality care to children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries and other special healthcare needs within a compassionate and family-centered environment;

  • Following natural disasters such as tornadoes and floods, we have supported various relief efforts including the Acadiana Red Cross, the Rayne (La.) Tornado Relief Fund, and others;

  • We have funded requests from a number of charitable organizations throughout the region, including K94COPS, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), Wounded Way Heroes, Jude-Sounds of New Orleans, and financially supported Spending Time Ending Rett Syndrome.

There is no region more precious to our great country than the unique and highly diverse people communities along the Gulf Coast in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The Coastal Vision Foundation is committed to positively impacting our ever-changing Gulf Coast region through established and cost effective programs and activities.
We all have a choice to make. We can stand by and let the forces of man and nature diminish the beauty and majesty of our coast or we can get actively involved in preserving and restoring our great region for future generations by leveraging our financial resources to make a difference in the areas we live in and do business in. We greatly appreciate you joining in our efforts to make a difference and hope you will continue to partner with us this year as we work to expand our reach, impact, and effectiveness.

With warmest regards,

Ronnie Murphy
Coastal Vision Foundation